Bollock's Inquisitives

S01E09 - Horrors Under Six Kings

The Wordbearers and the PCs split up to recover the two fragments of the Ashen Crown hidden under Six Kings. As they descend into the depths, the seekers face the legacy of the daelkyr war.

Therendor 9, 998 YK The next morning, the two groups have breakfast together to discuss their strategy for their delve under Six Kings. Yeraa tells them the goblins will be taking a portal to a room deeper into the vaults to recover Lurtaan’s Cord, while the adventurers will be travelling on foot to recover Zaarani’s Solitaire. She hands them a stone, saying it is linked magically to to one she holds. These sending stones will allow two-way communication between them. She instructs them to check in periodically, as they will do the same.

The two groups make their way into the cave at the base of the third King. After an uneventful walk down a few winding corridors, they emerge into a large tomb. An obelisk stands in the middle of the room and four broken sarcophagi, doubtless robbed centuries ago, lie nearby. The floor is littered with broken bones and rubble. The goblins quickly surround the obelisk. Yeraa tells the adventurers that it is the portal they’ll be taking. Without further examination, she says “Saa’atcha”, and the goblins vanish in a flash. As they do, shadow pools across the floor and the bones rise from their rest. A dozen or so skeletons get to their feet and charge at the remaining intruders.

The skeletons mob Rampart and Karnak quickly, except for one wreathed in shadow who hangs back. Basil draws quickly and, calling upon his bow’s power, unleashes a bolt of lightning at a nearby goblin skeleton. The bolt explodes upon impact, sending sparks to the others nearby. Five skeletons crumble to dust. Karnak and Frostbite go after a bigger, tougher looking hobgoblin skeleton wielding a rusty scimitar. Rampart swings in an arc around itself and the floor rises up, engulfing the feet of the skeletons surrounding it and shattering two of them in the process. The shadow skeletons summons a bolt of necrotic energy and launches it at Karnak, but his armor softens the blow, enchanted as it is to provide protection against that foul type of attack. Maathezar slips forward and engages the shadow skeletons. Having learned from their past experiences with the undead, the group makes short work of their foes.

Double doors stand on the tomb’s southern wall, their lock having been broken long ago. The group pushes them open and heads deeper into Six Kings.

They find the next room is partially collapsed. Dark spots on the ground are identified by Karnak as shadowseed, a plant that grows in Dolurrh manifest zones. In the rubble in the lower portion, they spot a shiny surface reflecting their light. From afar, it looks like a dagger or spearhead. When Rampart climbs down to investigate, the group is ambushed by three wraiths who come out of the walls. One pins the warforged down in the room’s lower part and the other two attack the rest of the group, pushing them into the shadowseed. Though the room is soon obscured by the plant’s spores and Zair is pushed from the ledge down to the lower part, the group manages to destroy the undead creatures. The shiny surface turns out to be a magically enhanced spear. Maathezar claims it and the group continues its delve.

Farther into the caves, they come face to face with a translucent goblin. The ghost hisses at them and vanishes into the floor. They continue cautiously and emerge into a room that sends shivers down their spines. Large stalactites with byeshk veins fill the room. Inside them are goblins trapped in their final moment of agony. Their twisted expressions betraying the fear and utter horror of their deaths. Some of the shapes begin to move and goblin ghosts move to attack the adventurers. From deeper into the room, twisted dolgaunts join the fray. Their rotting flesh and open wounds betray their undead nature. The battle drags on as the creatures maneuver to use the stalactites for cover, but the group proves their mettle and dispatches the abominations.

As they travel deep under Six Kings, the air grows strangely warmer and humid. They eventually emerge in a large cave where a boiling river flows inside a 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep rend in the stone. Two large rusted cables span the gap, the wooden bridge having rotted away long ago. The group ponders how best to get across. They can’t swim across without suffering serious burns. They test the water’s depth with a weighted rope and find it’s about 5 feet deep. Basil nimbly walks on one of the cables and makes it to the other side without slipping. Karnak secures Frostbite to his back and tries to cross by climbing the chamber’s wet walls, but they prove too slippery for him and he falls into the river. He manages to get to the other bank and to scale it, but suffers some manageable burns for his troubles. Rampart takes Maathezar onto its back and tries to cross on walls like Karnak. Its grip proves better and the two make it to the other side. Basil and Zair secure another rope spanning the river so she can use it to zip across. However, during the attempt her harness gives and she falls into the boiling waters. She gets to the other side with some difficulty, but manages to get up there with only superficial burns.

They follow a long hallway to an old barrack. It is empty, the furniture long gone. The metal doors, though rusted, still stand. They secure the room and stop to sleep for a few hours.



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