Bollock's Inquisitives

S01E11 - Unfinished Business

The group follows Tikulti to Sharn. There, they face off against Demise and her minions in a familiar setting.

Therendor 11, 998 YK. The group is taken to Sharn aboard the Kordanga. During the trip, they consult Yeraa‘s journal and deduce, using the clues dropped by Tikulti in his message, that Demise is planning on performing the rite of Arkantaash in Ashurta’s Tomb.

Therendor 12, 998 YK. Delan drops them off in Cliffside, and they make their way into the Cogs.

When they get to the Tomb entrance, they see light ahead and hear voices. Jaenus, Demise‘s apprentice, is standing at the tomb’s entrance with soldiers of the Emerald Claw and a group of reanimated kruthik corpses. Seeing no point in delaying the inevitable, the group engages the forces and quickly disposes of them. Jaenus tries to flee in the end, but he is cut down by Rampart.

Further into the tomb, two Emerald Claw knights stand guard. Basil spots three more creatures waiting in ambush. When the battle starts, one of these creatures turns out to be the traitor Tikulti. Though at first he taunts the group, playing on their feelings towards the Wordbearers, his attitude changes when the fight starts to go against him. A surrender is negotiated and he swears to exonerate them if they spare him. In the end the group agrees and he helps them dispatch the last of his former allies.

The group ties him up and proceeds to Ashurta’s Tomb, where Demise is waiting for them. She wastes no time with talk, she plans to kill the PCs and claim Ashurta’s Blade. Karnak and Frostbite charge in first and are quickly surrounded by ghouls. The fight is closer than the other ones. Frostbite is killed and Karnak falls to the sustained assault. As her minions fall, Demise is forced to acknowledge her defeat. She turns translucent and flees, passing through the wall. In Ashurta’s sarcophagus they find all the pieces of the Ashen Crown, except for the circlet, which Demise was wearing when she fled.



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