Aric Blacktree

Former aide to Bren ir'Gadden. Plotted to destroy Dalaman Tower in Sharn.


Was the aide of Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden during the Last War. Was captured by a pair of aberrations with his superior on the day of Mourning and was placed in a draconic prophecy mark for some sinister reason. The experience left him almost catatonic.

4 years after the Mourning, Aric resurfaced as the mastermind behind a terrorist plot to destroy Dalaman Tower in Sharn and had since then developed an aberrant dragonmark. He was foiled by a group consisting of the five people who had saved him and Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden from the Tower of Scars on the Day of Mourning. He was killed in battle by Maathezar.

Aric Blacktree

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